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FIRST PLACE: “Windham Fire Department Takes Action”

This video gives a thorough explanation of what fire fighters do every day on the job. It also recognizes staffing as one of the most important challenges that the fire fighting community faces. Testimonies from citizens are given, providing crucial responses from those who know how important it is to have the proper amount of fire fighters in an emergency situation. This public service announcement effectively tackles the issue of staffing and relays the message with a convincing presentation.

Produced by: Windham Professional Fire Fighters
Submitted by: Windham, NH Local 2915

SECOND PLACE: “2002 Burnaby Fire Fighters Public Relations Campaign”

In August 2002, Burnaby fire fighters combined their efforts to gain media exposure with their local town centre to promote a PR/Charity campaign. Their ability to work together raised a substantial amount of money for people in need, while at the same time provided valuable recognition for the Local throughout the community.

Producer: Lougheed Town Centre, Burnaby Fire Fighters
Submitted by: Burnaby, BC Local 323

SECOND PLACE: “Uncommon Courage”

With simple a vision that started in 1991, California Professional Fire Fighters unveiled their memorial wall in 2002 that lists the names of 855 fallen brothers from California. Paid for by private contributions, the wall honors those who have had their lives taken in an attempt to protect their community.

Produced and Submitted by: California Prof. Firefighters


“Class 177”
Produced by: Ryan B. Jarrell
Submitted by: Louisville, KY Local 345

“Habitat For Humanity”
Produced by: Gary Benson, Jeff McMenemy, Tom Cole
Submitted by: Phoenix, AZ Local 493

“Join Our Team”
Produced by: Capt. Rob Sorenson, Eng. Mike Perry, PIO Tom Francis
Submitted by: Jacksonville, FL Local 122

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