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FIRST PLACE: “The Professional Fire Fighters of New Hampshire”

This publication does an excellent job of providing information about all aspects of professional fire fighting across the state. It covers local as well as International news and promotes a strong pro-union message. This small magazine gives fire fighters access to political information and presents the content in an appealing and professional manner.

Produced by: Bethany Blake
Submitted by: Prof. Fire Fighters of New Hampshire

SECOND PLACE: “Burning Issues”

This is a relatively small publication that packs a big punch. It provides local fire fighters with a monthly newsletter that is well-organized and worthy of praise. It discusses politics, legislation, and events that all support varying fire fighter needs and interests.

Produced by: David Carson
Submitted by: Memphis, TN Local 1784


“South Fire District”
Produced by: South Fire District
Submitted by: South Fire District, CT Local 3918

“Houston Fire Fighter”
Produced by: HPFFA Submitted by: Houston, TX Local 341

“CPF Newspaper”
Produced by: Kristina Crawford
Submitted by: California Professional Firefighters

“The Union Fire Fighter”
Produced by: Local 1014 Executive Board
Submitted by: Los Angeles County, CA Local 1014

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