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FIRST PLACE: “September 11 Forever Burned Into Fire Fighter’s Memories”

“I probably think about it more so now than just after. There doesn’t seem to be a day that goes by that someone doesn’t ask me about being there. Certain things trigger the memory, too. I will never, ever, forget it. I appreciate my family more now; I hug and kiss my kids more often. I know now how easily, how quickly, everything can be taken away from you.” -Quote from Lt. Mike Cutro, member of Oswego, NY Local 2707

Story by: Steve Yablonski
Submitted by: Oswego, NY Local 2707


“Three Injured In Chattanooga, TN Gas Main Explosion”
Story by: Bruce Garner
Submitted by: Chattanooga, TN Local 820

Note: The judges did not award a second place in this category

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