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NEWS STORY (Circulation over 100,000)

FIRST PLACE: Someone’s Hero

“But, Loretta says, ‘when October came and went,’ marking the one-year anniversary of the transplant-when donor and recipient families may contact each other directly-she was surprised that she hadn’t heard from the Olsens. Then in late November, the hospital’s marrow donor coordinator called the Epps family. ‘Miss Epps?’ she said. ‘I just have to tell you that the donor died. He was killed on September eleventh.’”

This moving story honors New York Fire Fighter Jeff Olsen, who was killed on September 11, 2001, for not only his bravery as a fire fighter but his off-the-job devotion towards helping people, strangers and friends alike. Olsen’s bone marrow donation saved youth Richard Epps, a year before the New York fire fighter’s tragic death. The article recounts the gripping story of when the Epp family got the chance to meet the Olsens, and Jeff’s fellow fire fighters. This story is a mix of miracles and tragedies and tells the tale of one fire fighter who will live on through his compassion for humanity.

Family Circle Magazine
Story by: Heather Millar
Submitted by: UFA Local 94, UFOA Local 854

SECOND PLACE: When Help Must Arrive In The ‘Golden Hour

This article provides interesting details about the newest and often fastest way to respond to emergencies, helicopter, in Miami, Fla. The story covers the county’s unique rescue transportation and draws attention to the significant amount of training and dedication that are necessary to run this operation. The article describes real life examples in which, as is required in all fire and rescue departments, personnel are required to respond immediately to a call and be prepared to provide assistance without knowing what they may be facing.

The Herald West
Story by: Lila Arzua
Submitted by: Metro Dade, FL Local 1403


“Trial By Fire”
London Free Press
Story by: Marissa Nelson
Submitted by: London, ON Local 142

“Cops, firefighters put big money behind initiative”
The Seattle Times
Story by: David Postman
Submitted by: Seattle, WA Local 27

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