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First Place: Los Angeles Firefighter

Editor: Jim Perry
Submitted by
: Los Angeles City, CA Local 112

This is an excellent bi-monthly publication that fully involves fire fighters and their families in talking about the power and influence of a union and its membership. It gives a broad coverage of newsworthy articles related to fire fighters from the local area, as well as from across the International. The newspaper is well designed with compelling pictures, a soothing color scheme, and fine graphics.

Second Place: The Third Rail

Editor: Monica Rausch
Submitted by:
Seattle, WA Local 27

The Third Rail is an impressive monthly newsletter that works as the voice for union fire fighters. It highlights positive aspects of unionism and encourages active participation of union members to pursue their goals. The two-color magazine is well laid out with fine graphics and great images.

Honorable Mention: Fire Watch; Editor: Norman Eaton; Submitted by: Syracuse, NY Local 280

Honorable Mention: CPF Newspaper; Editor: Kristina Crawford ; Submitted by: California Prof. Fire fighters

Honorable Mention: Burning Issues; Editor: Thomas H. Malone; Submitted by: Memphis, TN Local 1784

Honorable Mention: Jumpline; Editor: Stan Hills; Submitted by: Dade County, FL Local 1403

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