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NEWSPAPER STORY or FEATURE (Circulation Over 100,000))

First Place: Survivor: The miraculous story of Newton firefighter  Raymond McNamara

The Boston Globe, May 6, 2001
Story by
: Dick Lehr
Submitted by
: Newton, MA Local 2759

“For all he’s been through, Ray Mac has not folded… he keeps pushing himself, even if his bid to seize the day often comes up short.”

“Realizing these people can survive. I am just glad nobody decided to put him in the corner with morphine. He is wonderful. He’s had his dark days, but he’s doing well. He’s there.”

Newton MA Local 2759 member Ray McNamara came face-to-face with an inferno in the H. C. Starck’s chemical plant that changed the lives of Mac (as he is known), his wife Denise and his family, forever. It is a well-written story of courage, will and survival. This feature compels one to read on and admire the endurance and determination of a man whose spirit brought him back from the jaws of death.

Second Place: “New Standard Under Fire

Sun-Sentinel, June 10, 2001
Story by
: Shannon O’Boye
Submitted by
: Broward County, FL Local 3333

“A fire fighter’s job is inherently risky, but fire fighters say they are put at greater risk when staffing levels are low. Nationwide, fire fighters are busier than ever. Many are cross-trained as paramedics and respond to car accidents, heart attacks, shootings and stabbings. Specialty fire fighters perform technical rescues, vehicle extrications and water rescues; they battle wildfires in the Everglades and handle hazardous material spills and natural gas leaks.”

“You can have all the equipment and tools to do the job but if you don’t have the personnel to save the person’s life or put out the fire in a timely manner, it’s all for naught.”

This story explores the hurdles in the way of implementing the NFPA 1710 standard and justifies why its important to implement it. It is a well-researched piece and the writer has gone to great lengths to learn the issue and explain about it.

Honorable Mention: “The mark of a man: As Bob Spence lays dying, his friends rally
Vancouver Sun, Aug. 24, 2001; Stories by: Yvonne Zacharias; Submitted by: Vancouver, Burnaby BC Local 18

Honorable Mention: “Hackensack firemen feel special bond with FDNY
                                   Sept. 25, 2001; 
                                 “Firemen Bestow the gift of life on Paterson family
                                  Jan. 23, 2001
                                 “Rescued child’s death haunts firemen
                                  Jan 21, 2001;

The Record; Stories by: Elaine D’Aurizio; Submitted by: Professional Fire fighters of New Jersey, Local 94-UFA and Local 854-New York Officers, NY

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