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Schaitberger to Congress: Protect Fire Fighters in Budget Deal

October 31, 2013 – As Congress begins work to negotiate a budget framework for the remainder of Fiscal Year 2014, President Harold Schaitberger urged members of a Congressional budget conference committee to protect policies benefiting America’s fire fighters in any final deal.

The conference committee was created as part of the recent compromise to end the government shutdown and increase America’s debt ceiling. The committee, which met for the first time this week, is tasked with determining a top-line spending level for the federal government, but is also anticipated to consider entitlement and tax reform. Consequently, important programs and policies affecting IAFF members could be on the table as the group works towards an agreement.

Schaitberger sent a letter to members of the conference, outlining policies vital to our nation’s domestic defenders and urging members to protect such policies. Specifically, Schaitberger calls upon Congress to:

• Protect current tax exclusions for employer-provided health care and pension contributions that protect the unique retirement and health care demands of fire fighters
• Protect municipal bonds and the state and local tax deductions that allow local governments to meet their most fundamental public safety obligations
• Protect fire fighters’ exemption from mandatory Social Security coverage
• Protect federal fire fighters from additional budget cuts, understanding that they have already sacrificed enough in the name of deficit reduction.

The conference committee is tasked with producing a final bill by December 13, 2013. The IAFF will continue to advocate for the needs of its members as the conference proceeds.

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