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Honor Guards, Pipes & Drums, Buglers, Rifle Teams

Yarnell Fallen Firefighters Incident - Honor Guard Branch
Branch Directors Gordy Cunningham and Deputy Director Tim Kovacs

1. To staff one Public Memorial
2. 15 or more full honors funerals in Prescott
3. Facilitate 4 or more transfers of fallen brothers, escorts to, and subsequent honor guards in their home towns.

1. Your Honor Guards, Pipes & Drums, Buglers
2. Your unit colors, axes.

RESPOND TO:  honorguardforyarnellfallen@gmail.com and report your:

1. Number of personnel coming and whether HG, Pipes & Drums or Buglers
2. Arrival date and time to Prescott
3. Departure date and time from Prescott.
4. If you have been requested by the family of one of the fallen to be their escort from Prescott to their home town.
5. Your HG unit’s detail leader and cell number.

On Arrival:
- Housing is overwhelmed, and the Incident Management has said that all must arrange their own housing.
- Report to the Incident Command Post before 2000 hours or after 0600 hours:
- Prescott High School, 1050 Ruth St, Prescott. Honor Guard room is 506.

Event Details:
9 July 2013, Tuesday. Tim’s Toyota Arena, 3201 N. Main, Prescott Valley, AZ.
0700 hours, Honor guards and pipes and drums show up to site.
1100 hours step-off. 1300 hours end of service.

The local agencies and their honor guards have been decimated. They need all of us to step in to these roles or to support them. Generally we need YOUR help with
- Honor Watches while each are at the Medical Examiners/Mortuary from Sunday until funerals.
- Honors HG and Pipes & Drums for transfer from Mortuary
- Funeral detail at cemetery, including possibly flag folders
- Transfer Honors teams for those to be transferred from Prescott to another state. (Prescott mortuary to Prescott airport, etc.).

The Family Services and Funeral Planning Branch is doing their best to ensure that no funerals overlap.
10 July 2013, Wednesday. Funerals
11 July 2013, Thursday. Funerals
12 July 2013, Friday, Funerals
13-15 July 2013, Funerals


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