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Federal Fire Fighters Preparing for Furloughs

February 27, 2013 – As U.S. federal agencies prepare for cutbacks due to sequestration and the end of a Continuing Resolution that is keeping the government operational, agencies have begun notifying workforces of possible furloughs.

The federal government has announced that a furlough of 22 work days for Department of Defense employees will take place between April and September of 2013.

“At this time we are unsure how the furloughs will apply to fire fighters, as the agencies are not sending consistent information regarding the maintenance of emergency services at federal facilities,” says IAFF 16th District Vice President James B. Johnson. “It appears that some agencies have recognized the need to prioritize funding that is available and maintain emergency services, and others have not. The fact that the Department of Defense has not instructed military agencies to use available funding to maintain emergency services -- such as police and fire -- at current necessary levels and protect vital government assets is irresponsible and places both our members and vital defense assets at risk.”


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